The Rembrandt Guide

Travelling the World of the master

Featuring a series of walks and cycle tours, The Rembrandt Guide enables you literally to take a step into Rembrandt’s world. As you journey through Leiden and Amsterdam and its surroundings you learn all about the artist and his times.

Alongside the many historical sights, the guide also focuses on more modern attractions to be found on or close to the route: an unusual museum, a famous market, un undiscovered church, a great cafe or restaurant where you can eat in real 17th century style. The routes are more than just walks through Rembrandt’s world, they are a superb way to explore and get to know the cities of Leiden and Amsterdam. They are also proof, to tourists and Dutch natives alike, that the Netherlands has more to offer than just Amsterdam. In the midst of the Randstad conurbation, just a few kilometres’ cycle ride, you can discover the most stunning landscapes and nature, just as Rembrandt would have known them.

The guide also takes a closer look at Rembrandt as a major Dutch icon. All over the world he has given his name to all manner of places and things: buildings, hotels, a pop group, a train, a tulip, the list just goes on. Postage stamps and bank notes have been issued in his name. Countless entrepreneurs have named their businesses after him and there are products aplenty bearing his name. The guide features some of the more unusual amongst them.