The Dutch, I presume? (revised edition)

Icons of The Netherlands

‘Do I need flippers when I visit the Netherlands?’

revised-editionOf course you don’t: dykes keep the water out, and it doesn’t rain 366 days a year. This book deals with the forty best-known Dutch features and stereotypes, from windmills to Cruijff and from Rembrandt to the typical toilet. Were the clog and the infamous cheese slicer really Dutch inventions? How come some Dutch masters went bankrupt in the tulip trade? And why have most Dutch never heard of world-famous Hans Brinker? Providing the facts and unravelling the myths, this book gives you the essentials on living in the polders, and will even help you survive a Dutch birthday party.

“If you are looking for a great book from which to learn everything about social and cultural aspects of The Netherlands, this should be it. The book excels by its quality impression and huge picture collection.” HubPages

“A colourful, attractive, most informative book, extraordinarily amusing for both foreigners and Dutchmen.” Biblion

“A fascinating and beautifully designed book. Contains a bit of history, geography, art, culture, food, cheese and even beer. Well written, concise and a mine of information.” Travel Bookstore De Zwerver

“A delightful book, examining both the facts and myths about Dutch culture, and containing more than 600 unforgettable images.” The Affordable Travel Club